Detective Conan Movie 04: Captured In Her Eyes Subtitle Indonesia

by on August 17, 2017

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Title: Detective Conan Movie 04: Captured In Her Eyes Subtitle Indonesia

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Score : 7.6

Type : movie

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Genre : Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Police | Mysteri |

Release : 2000

At the beginning of the movie, Ran has a flashback of Shinichi taking Ran to the fountain at Tropical Land. The movie quickly transitions to Conan calling Ran in a phone booth. After Ran asks Conan if he could come back to Tropical Land (thinking he is Shinichi), the Detective Boys cross his path, making a remark like, "It's not fun if he (Conan) isn't there", Conan quickly hangs up. It is shown that the Detective Boys came up with a new riddle that they are confident that Conan cannot solve. However, Conan quickly solves the riddle. When Genta tries to cross the light, a policeman stops him, saying blinking green is the same as a red light. Conan and the rest wait for the next green light, but right when they are about to finish crossing, a mysterious man with an umbrella shoots the policeman in the booth. The man runs, and Conan gives chase, but loses him. When Conan asks the victim if he knew who shot him, the man grabs for his notebook, and fades away.